Daily Affirmations


Change your words to change your world


Bespoke Love Up affirmations sent to you daily.


The ultimate self love ritual to anchor in a kinder inner voice over 30 days.


Starting with a private 1-2-1 consult call, I will customise affirmations tailored to your needs and specific situation. Creating for you, a positive affirmation statement to repeat each day when you light your luxury Love Up affirmation candle of your choice.


This is an ongoing physical reminder to support your self care ritual and cement your affirmation practise.

Product shots of the 'I AM' affirmation candle range.

How affirmations work 


The magic is in the repetition.


Repetition and consistency will help you drive change. With the Love Up daily affirmation reminder, we will help you form a new positive habit.


Your personalised daily affirmations will start to form a new narrative, repeating this daily, over time, will help your brain to make this become your default. Effectively re-wiring your brain with new positive beliefs, rewriting your story and create the life you desire.

“Your thoughts become your words  Your words become your actions  Your actions become your habits  Your habits become your values  Your values become your destiny” - Marisa Pee

By creating moments each day to light your candle, connect within, whilst inhaling empowering scents is a powerful way to anchors in a kinder inner voice. Make this your daily habit today.

Buy your love up experience here - Limited offer - £55 - Down from £85
    You will get:

    · 30 min call with me

    · 30 days of personalised affirmations, one sent to you each day via WhatsApp at a time that suits you

    · A Love Up Affirmation Candle of your choice

    · A check in via WhatsApp voice notes after 15 days


    After checkout you will receive an email with a Calendly link to book 30 min with me.


    You will receive your candle within 3-5 working days if you are in the UK, and 7-14 days if you are outside of the UK.

    After listening to you, what’s going on for you at the moment, or any challenges then I will create 30 personalised affirmations that will support you in whatever we talked about on our call.  

    Discover our luxury scented candles and the power of I AM affirmations


    I created the Love Up bespoke affirmation experience to help people instill a daily ritual that can drive change in their life. Guiding you to:


    • Know and honour your worth
    • Feel free to be you
    • Create your desired life


    If you’re:


    • Feeling stuck in old stories that don’t serve you
    • Negative thoughts are on loop
    • Aware of your limiting beliefs are holding you back
    • Tired of hearing your inner critic


    The power of affirmation with your daily candle ritual, can help you rewire your thought process to create positive change.


    You will receive:


    • 30 min 1-2-1 video call
    • Bespoke affirmations tailored to you, sent to you daily
    • Luxury Love up candle, your choice of 3 beautiful scents, handpoured in UK, vegan wax and infused with healing reiki


    LAUNCHING AT £55 (will be £85)


    ‘A stroke of genius. The daily ritual of lighting my candle, breathing in the wonderful scent whilst repeating my affirmation has literally been changing my brain in a positive way. The power is in this combination to help anchor healthy and productive thoughts and is a wonderful addition to my Neurosculpting® practice.’

    - Jo Britton, Certified Neurosculpting® facilitator and performance coach.




    Look forward to supporting you in your daily affirmation ritual


    With love + light,


    Carla x

    “Your thoughts and beliefs of the past have created this moment, and all the moments up to this moment. What you are now choosing to believe and think and say will create the next moment and   the next day and the next month and the next year” - Louise Hay

    P.S. I provide guidance and suggestions based on my extensive experience, though I’m not a coach, counsellor, or therapist. I have worked with affirmations for over 30 years and helped many women incorporate affirmations into their daily life, which has resulted in huge shifts, greater success, confidence, and self-belief. I genuinely believe they can help most people. However, affirmations are not a replacement for therapy and always speak to a professional if you are feeling really challenged.