Love and Light Offer

Spread Love and Light to your clients

New Offering
Exclusively for Coaches and Therapists, so that you can access a bulk pricing discount to share our affirmation candles and notes with your clients.
To use as:
  • Welcome gifts for in person retreats
  • Include candles/notes in your coaching practice
  • As a welcome/ thank you gift, I can send them directly to your client’s home
  • Perfect addiction to a goodie bag
  • Events and workshops

This is the reaction from a coach who gifted her client:

“Omg thank you for such an amazing and thoughtful gift 🥰🥰🥰 !! It’s the most wonderful in tune pressie I’ve received in a long while!! Thank you means a lot xxxxx”

Affirmation candles

Pricing from £24.50 per candle* + postage
Request your personalised quote using the form below.
* Prices vary depending on the amount ordered, minimum order is 12+ candles
For quantities larger than 60 please contact me for bespoke price
Luxury scented candles with powerful affirmations, with 3 key messages:
I AM loved
I AM worthy
I AM enough
"When we change our words we can change our life. One day, one affirmation at a time."
Product info:
  • Reiki - infused by me
  • Superior scent at 12% (most candles are standard 8%)
  • Burn time 40 hours.
  • Candle measures 8cm across and 9cm high.
  • Hand-poured in the U.K.
  • 100% vegan soy wax infused with fine fragrance.
  • Cotton paper wick.
  • Clean burning and eco-friendly.
  • Free from petroleum, paraffin, lead and parabens.
  • No animal products or testing.
  • Made from sustainably grown soy.
  • Recyclable packaging.
  • 220 grams

Love notes

sticky affirmation notes
Write your own bespoke I AM affirmations with LOVE NOTES. They're a simple, playful way to get creative with your affirmations. These sticky notes start with I AM and have a space for you to write an affirmation that feels right for you.
Pricing from £4.90 per pack* + postage
Request your personalised quote using the form below.
* Prices vary depending on the amount ordered, minimum order is 12+ packs
For quantities larger than 60 please contact me for bespoke price
Our LOVE NOTES are printed on sustainably sourced paper and bound in a cute little sleeve.
Product info
  • Each note measures 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • Printed in colour
  • 100 notes per pack
 sticky affirmation notes pack

Are you looking for an added personal touch?

Would you like your candles sent directly to each of your clients? Want to include your branding? Get in touch using the form below for a personalised bespoke service.

Here are some of the lovely things coaches are saying…

“I am a BIG fan of these wonderful candles! I ordered a batch for my Divine Feminine Leadership Retreat goodie bags, as the focus of the whole retreat was to embody what we seek to radiate into the world. More often than not, we teach what we most need to learn and these candles share the most simple, yet profound messages required for heart centred leaders to integrate. I wanted the participants of the retreat to take something home with them that would keep the spirit of what we co-created together alive and keep reminding them of what they MOST need to align with in order to have the most impact in the world. My clients LOVED the candles, you can tell they have been made with love and for me, they are now a standard gift for my clients and team.”
"I ordered LOVE UP’s beautiful affirmation notes for a 100 person client event I was hosting at Kew. I wanted to treat my clients to a product that felt inspirational, high end and thoughtful and Carla’s products are just that. I absolutely love everything about the brand - the quality, the love and care and also, the story of the incredible woman behind the business. I cannot recommend this product more highly - my clients LOVED it."
“As a confidence coach for women, I consistently emphasise the importance of positive self-talk to all my clients and encourage them to write down all the wonderful things they recognize about themselves. As a gift to them, I mail each new client the beautiful ‘I Am’ post-its created by Love Up Love You to encourage them to do so. Each and every one of my clients are so grateful and find the ritual of documenting their strengths extremely helpful. Thank you, Carla, for your creative contribution to my clients wellbeing!!”
“I love everything about LOVE UP candles. The intention, branding and attention to detail. They really are an uplifting and lovely product, I'm so happy to share. The candles make a great welcome gift for my clients and really add a personal, warming and loving touch, which is what my business is all about. I also love the fact it's deeper than a gift, the intention and affirmations have such a healing and soothing effect, I'm so grateful to share the benefits. LOVE UP is very much in alignment with my mission and supporting other female lead businesses that bring real joy and light to the world.”

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