8 Lessons I have learnt while building my business

Last month marked 2 years since I launched LOVE UP. There have been highs and lows but zero regrets! There has been epic celebrations and confronting challenges, and so many lessons learnt. As my business has grown so have I grown along with it!

Here’s 8 incredible things born out of my journey:

1. The amazing people I’ve met and connections I’ve made.

There’s a wise saying - “the people you spend the most time with, shape who you are”.
I learnt first hand the importance of having a really good network around you. And how amazing friendships with other small business owners are! To be able to talk to them about ideas, share the ups and downs. Meeting new people and networking widened my circle. Best of all, being able to hang out with fellow entrepreneurs and feeling understood! The journey is not always linear and it was uplifting to be able to share successes and celebrations with each other! 
📌The Lesson: Find a group with like minded souls you can connect with regularly.

2. How joyful and rewarding it can be.

It really has been a joy - a joy to create, a joy to follow your dream, how much it fills my soul to wake up every day and do what I love. I truly believe that I am meant to be doing what I am doing! And I’m being who I am meant to be. It’s definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. Even through all of the challenges, and hard work, putting myself out there, investing in my dream and myself, the rewards continue to get better and better. Some days it doesn’t even feel like work as creating and affirmations are honestly part of my lifestyle, part of my parenting, it is who I am.
📌The Lesson: I know it sounds cliche but do something that brings you joy.

3. Deeper resilience and discovering how resourceful I can be.

When things go wrong, and life throws me a curveball… which trust me, happens more often than I’d like! I discovered that my commitment to working it out is 100%. By being open and thinking creatively, I was able to come up with win-win outcomes. I discovered it's one of my greatest assets! I could always find a way around the obstacle in my path.
📌 The Lesson: Acknowledge what you’ve overcome, celebrate your strengths every day.

4. Realising how much my kids influence me & my decisions.

My kids are a big part of my ‘why’. I want their inner dialogue to be one of love and kindness. I hope they grow up really believing in themselves and I hope I can model that to them. I hope I inspire them to follow their dreams and passion and that they are the creators of their reality. A lot of decisions I make in my business I have them in my minds-eye.
📌The Lesson: Never forget your ‘why’, and hold your sources of inspiration close.

5. That belief in myself is non-negotiable.

Ok, so my self-belief is definitely not constant. I have self-doubt, sure, but I am able to reframe it quite quickly. I also have great friends and loved ones that don’t allow me to dwell in the negative for too long!
When you are growing a business the most important thing is that you believe in you. If you can connect with your power within, you will be unstoppable.
📌The Lesson: Believe in yourself and on the days it’s challenging, have the tools easily available to you to shift your mindset.

6. Everything really is happening for a reason.

I’ve always believed everything is connected. No such thing as coincidences! There’s lessons and growth in everything. I know it’s helped me to look at the challenging times as… Sometimes not getting what you want can be a blessing. Part of a bigger plan. 
📌 The Lesson: In times you feel stuck, zoom out to the bigger picture. Often from a different perspective, the answers will come.

7. Truly understanding it all works out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Once I started getting into the rhythm of running my own business, I noticed that things are always changing and how much I resisted change, but it also inspired me to be curious, taught me to grow and adapt. Many of us often stress about things that are out of our control. As you become more established, you may discover that the things you have always worried about turned out fine. In life, things always work out the way they are supposed to.
📌The Lesson: Trust. On the challenging days I write, write, write - “but what IF it all worked out?” Be curious, “what can I learn from this?”

8. Developing a deeper trust in myself.

Learning to trust myself hasn’t been easy, but I’ve seen time and time again the times I’ve trusted my intuition is when I’ve made the best decisions that have led me to incredible opportunities. It’s something that’s helped me build confidence and enjoy the freedom we all long for as a business owner. trust your gut instincts. Follow your heart -- it knows!
📌The Lesson: Make space each day for self connection and listen to your intuition, always!
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