A Christmas Meditation 🎄

The lead up to Christmas can be exciting and joyous, making memories and connecting with loved ones.

But it can also be overwhelming and triggering. 

Here’s a little meditation to help you let go of any pressure to feel a certain way over the coming weeks, acknowledge your feelings and then create some calm.

❣️Your Mini ‘I AM’ Meditation❣️

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in 

As you exhale let go of any expectations and be in this present moment 

Inhale and know that whatever you are feeling, it is ok 

Expand into your safe space

Release any pressure you may be placing on yourself 

Think about how you can give yourself what you need today

It could be some space, a bath, a walk or a conversation with a friend

See yourself nourishing you, and allowing yourself the space to connect within and listen with love

Affirm to be kind to yourself

As you feel your heart rate slow, repeat one or more of these affirmations - 

✨I AM safe to feel 

✨I AM embracing the moment 

✨I AM releasing any expectations 

✨I AM treating myself with kindness

✨I AM more than enough 

✨I AM doing enough

If you notice anxiety rising especially about things you cannot change, come back to you, this moment and just breathe. It’s ok to feel whatever you feel. Remember, you are not alone. 

The more you create moments for you, honour your needs and fill your cup the more you can navigate this busy time with grace + ease and peace + calm.

Be gentle to yourself.

Wishing you a wonderful week 

Carla x


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