When you need kindness

When you need kindness

 Why do we speak to ourselves so unkindly? We would never dream of talking to a friend this way, but we persist in criticism, disapproval and unforgiveness for our own flaws or mistakes. I am affirmations help you flip the script.

Your Ritual

Make yourself a cup of your favourite coffee or tea with love. Take care to choose a treasured cup, warm the milk or pick fresh mint for an infusion; whatever makes it special for you. Find yourself a comfy seat and enjoy this little gift you have made for yourself.
As you feel the comforting warmth of the mug in your hands, try saying one or more of these affirmations quietly to yourself.

I am loved
I am deserving of kindness
I am forgiving of my own mistakes
I am beautiful
I am full of potential

Light our LOVE LIGHTS I AM LOVED scented candle while you repeat your affirmations to yourself with intention. The soothing scent of rose and oud feels soft, warm and safe, like your happy place.