Bring self care and self love into your summer ☀️

Summer brings long days, often a break from routine, increase in socialising and perhaps time away or a change in routine, especially if you have kids home.
Remember that taking care of your own needs and keeping up with a level of self care, can make changes, and all other demands easier.
Consider tweaking your routine over summer, to one that suits you and fits in with your summer plans. Even a modified routine will help you maintain positive healthy habits and help you to feel less overwhelmed.

Here are some things to consider for some summertime self love -

Integrate Self Care 

☀️If you have less time and more to juggle - have a think about the most important thing you need to incorporate into your day, the non-negotiable task that has to be done - make a promise to yourself to do it at the start of the day (willpower is highest in the morning!) and then make peace with the rest of the day being more spontaneous.
👉Where possible keep a morning routine, even if it’s a smaller, more relaxed version.
*If you have more time, consider all the things you’ve been meaning to do. Perhaps it’s time to enroll in that class, learn a new skill or read that book.

Be present in whatever you are doing

☀️Keep checking in with what brings you joy and do it. Be patient with yourself. Remember although self care is important, it doesn’t have to take a long time.
Check in with yourself a few times a day. Pair it with other daily tasks.
👉For example - Your morning shower is a great moment to say your affirmations.

Summertime Socialising

☀️Summer can be quite a social time so make a promise to spend time with the people you really want to.
👉Making that time meaningful, will really help fill your cup, make memories and help you recharge.

Saying 'no' is self care

☀️Likewise, be ok with saying no to people and situations that take your energy away.
👉Maybe it’s time to take a break from all the noise on social media. Prioritise the space + time for doing things you love.

Take it slow 

☀️It’s important to take some time to slow down when you need it, so you don’t exhaust yourself. It’s ok to have a lazy afternoon laying on the grass and looking up at the trees. Focus on those simple pleasures.

💛This is self love.


Be mindful of your expectations

☀️Remember self kindness always, listen to your heart and check in if you are expecting too much and listen to what it you need in that moment.
💛 This is self care.

Wishing you an overflowing summer of self love and simple pleasures.
Carla x

P.S. My ultimate, non-negotiable self care practise for myself, is to always speak to myself kindly. I like to do this by leaving myself affirmation Love Notes on my laptop and bathroom mirror, to remind myself to be kind.