How to be more positive

I know when I’ve had positive thoughts and feelings and generally been in a more positive state, life just seems to work out, to flow with ease.

 However, I know it’s not possible to be positive all of the time!

 Other emotions are going to come up.

 I’ve found that sitting with challenging emotions, allowing them to pass through and then reflecting on what they could be teaching us really helps.

 I know for me it helps give me the confidence that I can deal with anything and that when my “high vibe” drops I’m 100% ok.

 Repressing the negative means that you lose the opportunity to learn and grow.

 I now have the ability to ride the wave. 

The resilience to come out the other side.

And know I have the tools to reflect and reframe if necessary.

 To me this is living a positive life!

 Being positive is not just feeling “up and happy” it’s also about having trust and confidence in your ability to handle the challenges and perspective to know nothing is all negative, all the time.

 This prevents spiralling deeper into the negative and stops the inner critic getting too much air time!

 Here are my top tips to help you to be more positive:

 👉 Use daily Affirmations - my absolute daily non-negotiable.

 The mind listens to everything you speak into existence, so pick a few statements that resonate with you and repeat, repeat, repeat!

 Write them down, have them in your space.

 Talking positively to yourself, affirming certain statements influences your thoughts, feelings, and therefore your behaviour. This has a domino effect, and you will begin to see positivity in your environment and start energetically attracting more of what you want to you!

 Remember, the energy we put out into the world is the energy we get back.

 Whatever we focus on grows and we have the power and choice to focus on the either positive or negative.

Short term affirmations will immediately reframe a thought or situation from negative to positive.

Long term they can rewire and reprogram old limiting beliefs and these positive statements eventually become your new positive narrative.


 👉Practise Gratitude - I love this practise. It really does fill me up and the fuller I feel the more positive I feel.

 Spend some time each morning and each night writing down at least five things you're grateful for. If you can, stretch this to fill a page! It could be as small as ‘I am grateful for warm water coming out of the tap’, to your friends and family.


 👉Daily Meditation - I love lighting my candle and taking some mindful moments.

 Being mindful for just a few minutes a day shows us how to be in the present moment and in that we can understand that everything changes. Meaning that it’s easier to know the darker moments will pass too. It’s all transient. It can help you to observe any negative thoughts your brain may be serving you but letting them pass by. Take moments to visualise and feel the desired outcome. Visualise being in the feeling state of the desire completed. Let that feeling fill your body.


 👉Reflection - ever found yourself lost in a spiral of worst case scenario? Maybe you tend to overanalyse every “what if”

 I know I have!

 Perhaps your inner critic is shouting at you. Or you are overthinking all the possibilities of potential negative situations in the future.

 It can help to shift the focus on what you did well or if there really is something you can improve on. Give energy to the solution rather than beat yourself up for perceived failure or negative outcomes.  reflecting helps with re-interpreting events. To accept, rather than judge your experiences is important. Self-acceptance is an antidote for negative emotion.

 The reason why I began Love Up Love You is exactly for these reasons. I found so much comfort and positivity through affirmations and meditation. The simple daily ritual of lighting a candle and writing little notes to myself helped me so much that I felt compelled to share this with people. I don’t know where I would be now without the mindset shift that doing these steps created!


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