If your affirmations aren’t working

Affirmations have been a part of my life for over 3 decades. I say them out loud, write them in my journal. I write them on sticky notes and stick them around my home and office. I listen to them in guided meditations, I even sing them!

How do they work?

Affirmations interrupt the pattern of thinking - allowing you to lean into the positive and prevent spiralling into the negative. It’s reprogramming your subconscious by creating new neural pathways in the brain resulting in new positive beliefs and a new kinder narrative.
With this new empowered inner voice and mindset you can connect to the power within, raise your energetic vibration and create the life you desire!
How can we get the best out of our daily affirmation practise?
And what can you do if they seem like they just aren’t working?

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Saying affirmations every day will help build a habit of having a kinder narrative.
Our mind always moves towards what’s familiar so keep going.
To make a habit, make it familiar.
There may be days when repeating positive affirmations may feel untrue, but my advice again, is keep going, over time new neural pathways in the brain will form and your new narrative will be embedded. And soon they will feel true, no question.
There will come a point where you have enough evidence that makes it real for you. To start with, there may only be 25% evidence of truth but with daily repetition, it’ll be 75% and eventually be 100% statement of fact.
If there is massive resistance whilst saying your affirmation try tweaking the affirmation
Instead of -
I love myself
Try -
I am open to loving myself more and more each day
With every breath I am accepting myself with love
Instead of -
I am beautiful
Try -
I am focussing on my gifts and working on embracing all parts of me
You are where you are today because of one thought you had. Then you thought it again and again and again till it became a fact in your reality.
Think about the future you desire and use the power of repeating affirmation to create your reality.
Regular repetition of affirming statements about yourself can encourage your brain to take these positive affirmations as fact.

Feeling state

It’s not only about saying the words
It’s also about feeling them.
Ignite your affirmations with the power of emotion!
Doing this really takes your affirmation practise it to the next level.
To reprogram the mind and replace the limiting beliefs in your subconscious you want to move from just saying or parroting the affirmations, to a real embodiment of them and of what you desire.
Next time you say or write your chosen affirmations feel into the end state of your desire. Perhaps it’s love, self-worth, abundance or success. whatever it is, you are affirming breathe into it and really feel it!
So, if it’s love you want more of, feel this love in your body.
If it’s abundance or success, feel what that is like for you.
Doing this will anchor in deeper.
The more you feel it, the more your body begins to own it.
So, today embrace the feeling of being free, the feeling of being confident in who you are, the feeling of being worthy.
How does it feel to wake up each day to your desired life?


Your brain does not know the difference between reality and imagination.
Creating a mental image of yourself doing something — like getting a promotion or having a positive first date — this activates the same brain areas that being live in these situations would.
When you visualize doing these things or desired situations, your body creates pathways and memories of how to do the action despite never actually having performed it.
By affirming your new statement and seeing it in your mind’s eye, whilst feeling it in your body, is how you can really shift not only your narrative, but your energy too.

Final words -

Repeating affirmations really help to anchor in that kinder inner voice.
As well as feeling what it is you are affirming, so you can embody them in every cell of your body,
Feel the pleasure, how good it feels to treat yourself with love.
See your desires unfolding miraculously.
Keep it in your mind’s eye.
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