Loving your body this summer

Summer is the season of fun and sun, however it can often trigger varying degrees of body image insecurities.
We can often feel bombarded by the media telling us to “get a bikini body” or diet culture urging us to lose weight or look a certain way for summer.
How can we quieten that noise and connect within, love + accept our bodies for what they do and how they support is in any season?

Here are my top tips -

👉 Look at the media you consume and edit, edit edit!

Follow positive media that inspires confidence and body love. Influencers who celebrate a diversity of the human form and are inclusive of the many types of people + bodies. Unfollow anything that is triggering or makes you feel bad or negative.

👉List all your amazing qualities

Take some time to really recognise all the ways your body supports you, all the incredible things it does. Focus on your strength (or superpowers) - especially all the things that are not related to how you look, but what you can do. Read the list over and over and celebrate the amazing miracle that is your body. What are some ways your body brings you joy and pleasure? Energise that.

👉 Surround yourself with positive non judgmental people

Having friends who support you and encourage you to be yourself, that are your cheerleaders and can point out your amazingness on the days you may struggle.

👉Write a love letter

Give your body some extra tlc. Connect within, take a few breaths and write. Start with “Dear ______ (your name) I love you." Thank your body for what it does, what you appreciate about it and what is special and unique about you. What are you grateful for? Forgive yourself for any self hate in the past and from this point on,  try to be kinder and embrace all that you are.

👉Use positive affirmations to help rewire outdated and unhelpful negative beliefs

Practicing specific body positive affirmations is a great way to flip the script or reframe the negative inner voice. Practise daily self acceptance and compassion by choosing to speak kindly to your body, honouring what your body needs and surrounding yourself with positive mantras and quotes. Rewrite the narrative to think positively about your body, embrace your power & beauty and enjoy yourself.

Some body love affirmations to repeat -

✨I AM loving my body more and more each day
✨I AM treating my body with the respect it deserves
✨I AM allowing myself to feel pleasure and joy
✨I AM honouring my needs
✨I AM whole and complete
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