October Shedding: Letting go of what isn’t serving you

Autumn is the time when I naturally feel the pull to pause and reflect. To look and reassess what feels right and what I need to let go of. I see it as the perfect season release anything that is not serving me. Inspired by the falling leaves, I ask, “what can I let fall away?”


 I AM connecting to soul listening with love


If you also find, round this time of year, feeling of heaviness with an urge to release and let go then these tips may help -


Start by taking some time to look at some of the things that drain your energy, things that make you question yourself, serve no purpose and trigger you into a spiral of self doubt.


Be honest. By discovering what no longer serves you, you can start the process of removing those things to make space for better things to come into your life. When you let go of what is no longer serving you, you open yourself up to the new possibilities, growth and expansion.


So ask yourself - do I need something in my life that’s not aligned with my values? Is there space for something that’s no longer inspiring me or bringing me joy? What parts are causing stress and taking away my energy?


 I AM letting go of what no longer serves me


Once identified we can either accept it or change it. Change is the most empowering choice however change can be very hard to accept. It can bring up a lot of fear and resistance. We may even try to hold on tighter, especially if it was once a big part of your life such as a toxic relationship / job or maybe it’s something we’ve carried around for so long it feels like part of us, like a grudge. Honour it’s place in the past and be grateful for the experience that has led you to the present. This mindset shift is very powerful and can really kickstart the release. Remember it is ok to change.


  I AM embracing change


And yes, it can can be hard to trust that the new space will be refilled, so create a vision. A new vision you want to see and create. Ask yourself - what do I want my life to look like today? Start building this new life, step by step.


I AM trusting the journey


Look for things that nourish you, enhance your purpose, seek out what brings you joy. They will bring you the energy to do more of what you love.


It may also be helpful to note that with any change there may be some grief that comes up. Allow space for this. No judgement, just give yourself permission to feel these feelings and know that the feeling won't last forever. Finding closure can make it easier to move on


 I AM moving forward with grace and ease


Remember to spend time every day to reconnect with you. Listen to the whispers of your soul, honour your desires. Feel the new lightness in your being. What can you fill in this space?


 I AM open to new possibilities


This is so important to keep coming back to who you are and what you want.

Make it part of your daily routine. Create some uninterrupted time where you can come back you. Journal on what your feeling. Write your intentions. Hold the vision. Forgive. Let the feelings come up. Listen with compassion. Grieve. Release.

Fill the space with love. Trust in the abundance.


 I AM worthy of a life I love


I hope this season inspires positive change. Remember, when you let go of what is no longer serving you, you open yourself up to the new possibilities, growth and expansion.


With love & light,

Carla x




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