Our 25% OFF Love Up Sale Ends Tomorrow! 🎁


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but our 25% OFF two week sale is almost done! 😢

Don’t worry though, you haven’t missed it, there is still time to get your favourite gifts ordered and on their way to you before the clock strikes 12! 🥂

Use code: LOVEYOU25 at check out to get the lowest price of 2023! 

Give the gift of self-care, positive self talk, and life affirmations this holiday season. 

I AM Candles designed to be a subconscious reminder that you are worthy, loved, and enough! 

Subtle and sweet Sticky-notes made for anyone and everyone to use every day to remind you just how special you are. 

Daily Affirmation Cards that are designed to create a daily habit that instils joy, calm, and confidence from within. 

My Customised Affirmation Ritual is a one to one experience that includes a 30minute discovery call, 30 days of personalised voice note affirmations, and a candle of your choice. 

Thank you to all of you amazing clients who have already purchased your gifts, we are so thankful for you supporting our small business, and helping us thrive! 

Sending all the love and light to all of you every day!

xoxo Carla