Self-Love Affirmation Rituals💖 How incorporating new techniques can broaden your journey of self-love.

For me self-love has not been a linear journey. Creating intentional practices that help cultivate a positive mindset and a deep connection with self take time and patience, and sometimes I rise and sometimes I rest, but both have been crucial to nurturing my deeper, more resilient, self-love. 

Over the years I have found some gentle practices that have helped me stay focused on my self-love path and pave the way for sustainable personal growth. These personal practices can be modified to fit your journey, and I am hoping they will invigorate your self-love ritual.

Affirmations and Verbalisation

Affirmations are more than just positive statements; they are a tool to reshape your mindset and manifest self-love. When spoken allowed and with meaning, it activates the conscious and unconscious mind bringing positive talk to the forefront of your mind. 

To begin your verbal affirmations, stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes, and repeat a daily affirmation that resonates with you.  

"I AM worthy of love”  

"I trust in my ability to navigate challenges,"

“I AM speaking to myself with kindness”

Positive affirmations like these set the tone for a day filled with self-compassion, self-love, and positive self-talk. Personally, I find saying affirmations out loud so powerful. By engaging both auditory and verbal channels, verbalising your affirmations to yourself reinforces the positive messaging in your mind. Spoken affirmations improve focus, increase your emotional resonance, and strengthen the connection between your thoughts and spoken words. 

Affirmations and Movement 

One of my favourite ways to mix up my daily ritual is with movement. I love to say my affirmations out loud when I’m out and about walking. I get to move my body and repeat my affirmations with gusto, and passers by just think I am on a call. I encourage you to speak your affirmations while engaging your body enhances the mind-body connection, making your affirmations more impactful and long lasting.  By using the rhythmic nature of walking you create a meditative state that amplifies the absorption of the positive messaging. Being in motion can also reduce mental resistance which allows the affirmations to permeate our subconscious more effectively. 

Affirmations and Meditation

Affirmation and meditation go hand in hand. Finding the time to be still, quiet your mind, and bring in only positive thoughts is proven to benefit your mental health and wellbeing. But what if you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry I am here to help. 

Find a quiet space where you feel safe and warm, sit or lay comfortably using bolsters or a blanket to make sure you are not straining, close your eyes and take a deep breath in. With this inhalation imagine you are inhaling positivity. Hold for two brief seconds, and exhale negativity. To help with your breathing and visualisation you might imagine that you are inhaling a fine pink mist of positivity, and exhaling gray smoke, expelling the negative and unhelpful thoughts from your body. Now begin your affirmations, envisioning each affirmation as a glowing light that is getting brighter with every repetition, filling your heart, your body, and your being, with love and confidence. 

Affirmations and Sound 

I recently had the experience of a sound bath, with sound alchemist Alice Rose, and the experience inspired me to add sound to my daily meditation ritual. I sometimes find silence can make my mind even louder, so by adding in a sound element into my affirmation meditation I am able to quiet my mind in a powerful positive way. 

Start your meditation by lighting a candle, and turning on crystal bowl sounds, or pan flute sounds, whatever brings you calm for your meditation. Then focus on the smell of the candle and the sound of the crystal bowl, and repeat your affirmations with your hand on your heart. The physical connection, with the scent of the candle, and the sound of the bowls will help you stay present and clear while speaking your affirmations. Feel free to say your affirmations out loud or in your head, whatever feels right to you in the moment. Listen to your body and focus on feeling the sounds, embracing this relaxed state opens your mind to suggestion, allowing the affirmations to penetrate deeper into your subconscious. 

Affirmations and Writing

Each person learns differently, some prefer listening, others need to do the task, and many absorb knowledge through note taking, this same truth can be applied to affirmations. Whether you are a natural note taker, or someone looking to expand your affirmation and meditation ritual, writing your thoughts and affirmations in another wonderful way to reinforce self-love affirmations into your day. 

If you are a journal writer, dedicate a section of your journal to your affirmations. In this section write down as many things that you can think of that you are grateful for. Once your list is complete begin writing 20-40 affirmations, anything that comes to mind, without overthinking. Trust yourself that these are the affirmations you need to anchor in for the day. 

Perhaps you’re not big on journaling, you can still add writing to your daily affirmation routine. I like to use my Love Up Sticky Notes to leave notes for myself all over the house, to remind myself of my commitment to self-love. Pop one on your bathroom mirror, inside of your tea cupboard, and on your desk to help reinforce your affirmations of self-love and counteract negative thinking. If negative thoughts pop up, just replace them with the empowering and uplifting words you’ve written. Whether you are writing a short note or a long journal entry, by dedicating a part of your day to written affirmations you will begin to influence your thoughts and actions. An added bonus is that as you document your journey, you'll have a physical reminder of the evolution of your self-perception, and reflect on your self-love journey reinforcing the importance of self-love in your life.

Whether through mirror affirmations, walking rituals, or meditative practices, the influence of positive messages resonating within has the power to transform your inner dialogue and guide you on your journey to deeper self-love.

This is my wish for you. 

Through cultivating a positive mindset, fostering a deep connection with yourself, and incorporating affirmations into your daily routine, you are bound to witness your own sustained personal growth and a deeper sense of self.

Love and Light 

Carla xxx