Spring Meditation Guide

S P R I N G - more sunshine, longer days, colourful flowers, buzzing bees, warmer weather, more time outdoors, the feeling of new beginnings and renewed creativity, the anticipation of summer… don’t know about you but I always feel more energised in the Springtime.
What do you love about Spring?
What’s blossoming for you in this season of growth and new beginnings?

Here is my mini meditation guide for you to energise love, balance and flow into the next chapters.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in
Allow your heart to open
 As you exhale let go of any expectations and the how

Lean in and trust that what will unfold will be for your highest good, all in divine timing
Imagine your life in balance and flow

Feel the freedom this brings

Inhale and step confidently into this new reality
Open yourself to possibility of growth and new beginnings

As you feel your heart rate slow, repeat one or more of these affirmations -

✨I AM a powerful creator
✨I AM trusting whatever I need will come to me in divine timing
✨ I AM allowing space for the new
✨I AM releasing the need to know how
✨I AM on the right path for me
✨I AM open to all possibilities
✨I AM moving forward and embracing the new
✨I AM taking up all the space I need
✨I AM free
The more you can trust the journey and release, the need to know the ‘how’ the more open you are to the flow of life.The more you flow and the more you release, the need to control the outcome the more energy you will have to truly live!The more you believe that you are a powerful creator, the more you will see before you a life full of magical possibilities.Trust you are worthy of it all - love, balance, growth, space, freedom.With love + light,

Carla x
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