When you need courage

When you need courage

Fear is natural, but it has a habit of creeping in where it's not needed. Its tendrils tie us down, pull us back and at worst can completely paralyse us. Sometimes fear disguises itself as perfectionism. I am affirmations can help cut us loose from fear.

Your Ritual

Sit comfortably, if possible outdoors or by an open window. Close your eyes, and take a full, deep breath in. Slowly exhale fully. Repeat, enjoying the sound of the air rolling in and out like waves on a beach. Drop your shoulders and let go of tension on the out breath.

As you feel your heart rate slow, smile gently and repeat one or more of these affirmations quietly to yourself.

I am not afraid today
I am strong in light and darkness
I am full of courage
I am comfortable with imperfection
I am letting go of fear

Light our LOVE LIGHTS I AM WORTHY scented candle while you repeat your affirmations with intention. Its scent of bergamot, mandarin and musk is joyful and uplifting, like the feeling that anything is possible.