Love Stories

  • Bring self care and self love into your summer ☀️

    Summer brings long days, often a break from routine, increase in socialising and perhaps time away or a change in routine, especially if you have kids home.
    Remember that taking care of your own needs and keeping up with a level of self care, can make changes, and all other demands easier.
  • 5 Simple ways to include some Self-Love into your (busy) day

    I know, “me time”, self-love, self-care can often fall to the bottom of the list, especially when we are busy and being pulled from every dire...
  • How to be more positive

    I know when I’ve had positive thoughts and feelings and generally been in a more positive state, life just seems to work out, to flow with ease. ...
  • Spring Meditation Guide

    S P R I N G - more sunshine, longer days, colourful flowers, buzzing bees, warmer weather, more time outdoors, the feeling of new beginnings and renewed creativity, the anticipation of summer… don’t know about you but I always feel more energised in the Springtime.

    What do you love about Spring?

  • When you need purpose

    When you need purpose If you are waiting for something big to happen before you can be truly happy, you are not alone. I'll be happy when I lose w...
  • When you need courage

    When you need courage Fear is natural, but it has a habit of creeping in where it's not needed. Its tendrils tie us down, pull us back and at wor...
  • When you need kindness

    When you need kindness Why do we speak to ourselves so unkindly? We would never dream of talking to a friend this way, but we persist in criticis...